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Our pro shop is stocked with the most popular Wakeboards, Kneeboards, Boat Tubes, and Kayaks on the market!

Your One Stop Pro Shop!

Our pro shop is stocked with wakeboards, knee boards, water skis,  and wake surfs that range from beginner to pro experience levels with brands such as Hyperlite, Connelly, Hydroslide, and CWB. If you are looking for a kayak, we have you covered with Recreational, Whitewater, and Fishing Kayaks from Native, Perception, Wilderness, and Dagger.

Looking for a water toy? You have come to the right place. We have one of the largest selection of towable boat tubes and water toys in the state of Tennessee and we ship nationwide though our web-site, www.BoatTube.com.

Our driving force is to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your time on the water, because just like you, we are boat people!

To see our full line of products or to place an order, visit our website at: BOATTUBE.COM

Products on Special

Jbeez Water Craft

Dowdy CWB Wakeboard

Was $679.99- Now $549.99

The Dowdy Wakeboard by CWB is an advanced/expert level board built for quick edging and fast transitions. Good for anyone trying to get speed going into the wake for that extra pop. Comes with MD bindings.

Jbeez Water Craft

Black Ice Jr

Was $359.99- Now $239.99

The Black Ice Jr is slick and fast! The gist of this tube is simple: a smaller surface contact with the water makes the tube slide faster across it! This exclusive convex shape allows a small contact surface on bottom and huge riding surface on top! So, even when piled with two people, the Black Ice Jr still skims effortlessly across the wake.

Jbeez Water Craft

Fun 3

Was $349.99- Now just $205.99

The Fun 3 Towable Boat Tube by Connelly is a 3 person tube that is fully covered for comfort. It has a back rest that stretches around the sides to keep you secure on the tube around curves and waves. It can also be turned around and ridden chariot style.


JBeez WaterCraft